I was walking along the canal to work this week and I realised that the people that have been placed around me, the job I just got and everything that has come to pass has come from a love like no other.  

This love is portrayed in one of my all time favourite songs ‘Gracious Tempest’. I could seriously listen to it on repeat like I have been while writing this everyday. 

This is a song that has really touched my life. No matter the mood I’m in or whats been happening around me, this song is always perfect. 

I began to wonder why?
Why does this song bring me so much peace? 

I just threw the song on and got the lyrics up, and began to read through word by word. I realised that the song I was singing was one of love and comfort about a God who will and has consumed my sins with his endless love. 

Gracious means divine grace or the mercy of God, whereas tempest means a violent and windy storm. Putting these two words together seemed interesting but it taught me that God’s love for us is endless and nothing will stand in the way of us and God, that’s why it’s reckless because his never-ending love knows no bounds. Even though we do wrong God will still show mercy and his reckless love will find us. 

The song is complete with a scripture that tells us our God is gracious, that when we are in need he is there and that he brings rest and comfort. 

Psalm 116:5-9
5 Gracious is the Lord, and righteous;
    our God is merciful.
6 The Lord preserves the simple;
    when I was brought low, he saved me.
7 Return, O my soul, to your rest;
    for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

God’s endless love always has been and always will be chasing us, all we have to know is that through thick and thin God is always walking with us. We can all take this love for granted, it’s endless. It’s always there. But sometimes we only acknowledge and rely on it when we are going through trials. I do it myself. We all do. The more we accept God’s love the more we will understand it.

Our God’s love is endless, it knows no bounds and it is forever chasing us. 

In time think about how God’s has love saved you? And how God has blessed your life? 
Then give God thanks.

Kaan G

Nadia Marychurch