Entrustment; to charge or invest with a trust or responsibility. 

The thought of entrustment has always captivated me. I would think about it, write about it, discuss it with my friends and pursue a study of it throughout scripture. It blows my mind that as ordinary people, we would be entrusted with abilities, relationships and more awe provoking, The Church. These have been given to us by God to steward, sew into, nurture, care for and love as Christ loves. 

Whilst pondering the concept of entrustment, the parable of the sower in Matthew 13 came to mind. This scripture articulated for me that God is not interested in the amount of seemingly glamorous talents I obtain or who knows about them, but instead my ability to steward the little which he has given me, which he had entrusted me with.  

When I opened my eyes to what God has truly trusted me with -- my life completely changed. My entrustment is the lives of people under my care within The Church, the job I have been blessed with, my relationships with my close friends and the opportunity of life which he continues to give me everyday. I realised that instead of looking to the left and to the right, I was to look at what was in my hands, and to be faithful with that.  

I learnt that when you take what God has given you, make a decision to love it, pour into it, protect it and surrender it, you find yourself living your most undeserved, and blessed life. I loved what God had given me, said yes to his instruction and somehow ended up following the call of God to care for a new entrustment, the nation of Canada.  

Entrustment has been a great personal reminder that people are God's. Nothing is mine, I am simply a vessel purposed to love his children and expand his church. This is his world, I am his daughter, this is his church and the people of Canada are his people. I just cant wait to meet them and love them along the way.  



Jessica Baker