'Our Father...' (Matt 6:9)

Family language.

I’m at Rainbow’s End. Mika is eating candy floss and Ryder is smashing back a frozen coke. Last night we went to Julius Caesar at the Pop Up Globe in Auckland with a bunch of our extended family (I hope you get to meet all of them one day).

All this fun-filled family activity got me thinking.

How good is family?

But for real.

How good?

So good.

I saw someone write in a post the other day: 'Family over everything.'

Haters will say that’s a polarising statement & that it may have some theological holes in it. They may have a point, but what a brilliant statement nonetheless.


A polarising word.

A polarising subject.

Polarising experiences.

Some families are full of neglect, others are full of embrace. 

Some families have memories of disappointment, others have memories of fulfilled dreams.

All of us have different experiences of family, so how do we know who’s right? Whose family is the standard?

When trying to define family, we need to look no further than the gold standard, the Bible.

God made you (created) - Psalm 139:13

Then adopted you (chosen) - Ephesians 1:5

Put it this way, Nadia & I have 4 children - Ryder, Mika, Hugo & Jovie. I knew that as a result of the baby-making process, there was potential we would have babies. Our family has fulfilled that potential.

However, we also have an additional 4 adults living in our home (it’s their home too). I don’t call these 4 adults my children (that would be weird), but I do call them family. We are a family. Together, the 10 of us (with others who are also family) are flying to Canada to pioneer Liberté City. We can’t wait. People ask me if it’s hard having people live with us - I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not a burden, it’s exciting. Being part of someone’s growth is one of life’s greatest honours.

Through the lens of scripture, we see that that’s God’s design from the beginning:

Nuclear family.

Adopted family.

This is the kind of church we want to build. A church full of nuclear families (all shapes & sizes) creating one big family. His family. 

Psalm 68:6 Says He puts the lonely into families.

If you’re in Ontario and you’re looking for family, look no further.

See you in May!

Much love,

Levi & Nadia

Nadia Marychurch