The Middle

The Miracle of the Middle


We have left our old roles. That chapter is closed.

We are not yet in Canada. That chapter is about the begin.

We are in transition in Auckland city. We are in the middle.


No one likes the middle, no one looks forward to the middle, no one sits in the middle.

The middle is usually uncomfortable. It is not an enviable position to be in.

The middle is not a season you look forward to.


It is the pregnancy before the birth, the adolescence before the adulthood or the engagement before the marriage.


People don’t like the middle.

Except God.

God uses the middle.

While we overlook it, God thrives in it.

While we ignore it, God emphasises it.


Today is the great ‘middle’ isnt it?

Squashed between yesterday & tomorrow.



The Israelites for example had left Egypt, they hadn’t yet arrived in the promised land but they were marching around and God was providing for them.

He was using the season to establish character & build unity, getting the people readyto conquer cities & foreign nations.

God is using this time for us too. He’s achieving that same goal that he achieved with the Israelites: character, unity, readiness.

God’s establishing values in us, character.

God’s bringing us together as a team. He’s building our team. He’s growing the quantity of the people coming to Canada, but importantly, he’s growing the quality of them.


God’s also getting us ready. We are researching, searching & meeting with Canadians who are in New Zealand asking this one question - how can we best reach this nation for Jesus?


For us, this season is the middle. We are on the edge of leaving New Zealand to head to Canada. We are expectant & excited. However, don’t let me mislead you, there has been heaps happening - check it out below:


The Liberté City team - there are 18 people coming to Canada from New Zealand. There are an additional 12 people coming who are from around the world: Australia, Eurpoe & Canada. We are beyond excited to build the church with this incredible crew. It is also a group of people that is growing weekly. If you know someone who is interested, they can register their interest online at


Canadians - the most important group of people! As mentioned above, there are many who’ve reached out who want to be part of Liberté City. We’ve met these people online, via social media & some in New Zealand who have no home church back in Canada. Just the other day, we made friends with about 15 Canadians while preaching in the Bay of Plenty (NZ).


Visas - most of the team from New Zealand have their 2 year working visas approved. We are praying for the rest of them to come through. The Marychurch’s will get ours in the next couple of weeks, but we are also applying for Permanent Residency, which we are praying to get before we leave NZ. A working visa will mean we can work in Canada, but we are wanting to do more than just work there, we want to make it our home - so please continue to pray for our Permanent Residency to come through.


Church venue - we have found a great spot in the middle of the city in Ottawa to have church. We are pumped about it! It is a wonderful facility with spaces for kids programmes & other auxiliary rooms for whatever we may need. Please continue to pray that this is the right space for us & for the right price as we go through negotiations.


Our home - we have signed the tenancy agreement on a wonderful 5 bedroom home with large spaces to have gatherings & team meetings in once we arrive in Ottawa. God has really come through! The house is perfect. It is in a great new subdivision filled with growing young families & located just off a main highway for easy access to the airport, city & other key amenities.


The website - the website ( is receiving a truckload of traffic. Thousands of people have already viewed it. Be sure to check it out, it is simple & easy to follow. Everything you need, you can find. Another key feature of the website is this weekly blog. People have been loving it. We are stoked each week to profile new people from the team who are writing their thoughts on their journey into the unknown. Be sure to check them out.


Liberté City merchandise - It droped this week. Hoodies, T-shirts, hats, shorts & duffle bags. This stuff is amazing. All the gear is AS Colour or Gildan & is emroidered to the highest quality. Make sure you get some.


Much love!

Levi, Nadia & the Liberté City team

Levi Marychurch