The New Normal

“The new normal” — a statement which may accompany our various Instagram posts or be thrown around lightly among our days as this new adventure folds out. I have found myself using this phrase repetitively, whilst being on the journey of paring my everyday normal, with this new way of life.

The new normal is exciting. It’s the big dreams, we harbour in our heart for what this small group of people — could one day become, it’s the visionary culture we are trying to set through our environments and among our conversations, it’s the late night unintentional discussions which leave you unable to sleep due to excitement of what could be — and it’s the exploring of a new city and new coffee every, single, day. 

As much as the new normal is exciting — it also has times where is is frustrating (what more can be expected when you are taking a large step in your faith huh?). Transitioning jobs, taking a hold on study advancements, and leaving your church family and friends behind isn’t always easy. There are days which are brighter than others and moments where your plans didn’t work out as expected. (How dare my life not be EXACTLY as I have planned it. Ha!) It is in those moments, I have learnt to trust the bigger picture among my new normal. 

Romans 8.28 is a clear reminder of what I have been called to do when the new normal gets to me — and keeps me up at night. “And we know, God works all things for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. 

I am convinced that my new normal is according to his purpose — this step in my life was apart of this plan. That being said, all I have to do is love him. If I love him — he will work out my life for good. It is the small details of my life which mean much to me and little to others — he has them sorted. God is aware of our frustrations and knowing of the deepest desires of our hearts.

In these past 6 weeks I have learnt a lot about the new normal of life whilst being in Canada. The feeling that I am just one little part of his enormous and divine plan, never really leaves you. It’s there when you sleep and it’s there when you wake — I suppose it is apart of the new normal. 

The new normal is brilliant and exciting, whilst frightening and sometimes frustrating all in one. It’s more than you could imagine it to be and beyond what you planned for. It takes sacrifice to trust and to adjust. It takes a whole bunch of saving, hustling, trusting and holding on to the dream which is bigger than ourselves. 

That aside, for today and for now — I am call only to trust, and to love. For those who he loves, he will work all things for good. And for now, the new normal is good. Even if I do have to explain what a “flat white” is. 

Jess x

Jessica Baker