This is a God Dream

In the famous words of Kanye, “This is a God dream, this is everything.”


Last night I (Nadia) had a dream that I was falling.

You know this dream, right? We’ve all had it.

We fall, fall, still falling, and then suddenly we’re awake.

We breathe a sigh of relief, close our eyes and go back to sleep.


Except, last night the strangest thing happened - the falling was controlled, and I wasn’t alone. I was in a bus; the bus was falling and the bus had a driver. I remember thinking “This isn’t good. I’ve been here before. The outcome of this is not going to be good.” Then I caught the eye of the driver and He said, “This is all a part of the plan. It may seem scary, but if you trust that I’m in control, you can enjoy the thrill of the ride.” So, I took his advice and I just enjoyed it.

It sounds ridiculous as I write this, because I hate that feeling of my stomach in my chest, but in my dream, I sat back and had the time of my life. Then, just as we were about to hit the bottom, a huge parachute opened up and glided the bus to a pool of fresh water. I then jumped out and had a swim.


This is a God dream.


I feel like ‘dreams’ are a hot topic right now. Perhaps because it’s the message series in heaven right now. I’m even releasing my first Christian Novel in a few months called ‘The Dreamers.’

Dreaming - It’s everywhere.


Whatever the reason might be, I am loving it because I’ve always been passionate about the God dream. The idea that God would not only give us a second chance, but would go beyond that and give us a dream for our lives and want us to live out that dream – it just astounds me. He is beyond good.


So, if God wants this for us, why do we find ourselves hesitating so often?


Let’s be honest, there can be a lot of reasons why, but today I want to focus on just one reason: past experiences.


In my dream last night, my past experience told me a few things - It told me to be afraid, it told me the ride would be awful, and lastly (and most importantly), that the outcome wouldn’t be positive.


This wasn’t the case. This experience was different to the others because I wasn’t alone, someone else was in control and I listened to the driver.


What path has been abandoned in your life because of past experiences?

What dreams have been discarded because you were too afraid to take the leap?


Pioneering a church in Canada, right now, is an outrageous dream. But we’ve taken the leap, and so far, what I’ve found is that although the ride is unknown and sometimes scary, it’s also thrilling because I know that God is in control, He is the driver, and the outcome will eventually feel like I’m swimming in a pool of fresh water on a summer’s day.


For me, my dream last night was a reminder to keep trusting Him.


What is your God dream?

What is your next step?

Has a past experience caused you to stop believing, to stop trusting and to take back the wheel?


If so, then I encourage you today to pick up the dream, get back on the path, take a faith leap and get back in the passenger seat.


Trust Him.

He Knows what he is doing.

He has it all planned out.


Much love,


Levi and Nadia

Nadia Marychurch